How to lose weight in a month: parse error

Can I lose weight in a month? . And it’s not a miracle, but a comprehensive approach to their health. All should be the measure and sensitive attention to one’s own body.

Как похудеть за месяц: разбираем ошибки

Do not expect quick results from strict dieting. You can lose weight without starving, and eating right. Yes, to reduce the portions of food consumed need. But you don’t need to abandon vital substances and trace elements. Food should be varied. It must be meat and vegetables, and cereals. But boiled or baked form. Salads use olive oil. Discard potatoes in any form. Bread, eat only rye or of wheat flour. Be careful with fruit! Fashion now smoothies are very high in calories.

The diet should be combined with exercise. Take cardio 2-3 days a week for an hour and a half. No more! Otherwise, the calorie deficit the body will begin to store fat as a reserve. And if it is too frequent and intense exercise increase the appetite. Enter the activities into your life gradually. Forget the elevators, the more you walk.

Observe the drinking regime. Many limit themselves in the liquid, thinking that it can be «drier». And only get kidney problems, and new wrinkles. Be sure to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning and at night. So you improve intestinal health. During the day you can drink green tea, which contains catechins – substances that promote the burning of calories. Morning and night drink natural yogurt. And remember that most of the calories contained in alcoholic drinks.

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