General guidelines for a chemical wave

Most of the modern women, whom nature has not given hair, doing a Perm. It is different and fits absolutely any type of person. Curls give a woman more femininity and softness. Sometimes help to hide the flaws on your face. Girls with a narrow face suitable Curling waves, and the girls with a larger entity — the «American» wave. If ladies fine facial features, it is better to do without lush Curling.

Общие рекомендации по химической завивки

In recent times, there are many ways more forgiving irons, for example «American». When the wave curls look natural.

Curls is best done by a specialist. It will pick up all the necessary tools, based on your hair type, so that they do no harm. In any case, what good would tools for Curling hair under the influence of chemicals change their structure. After chemo hair becomes dry, brittle and in need of a balanced diet and care.

If you have oily hair type, chemotherapy can do no more than 3 times a year, if dry, even rarer. It is also not recommended to do chemistry and dyeing hair. From this, they start falling out and split. To protect hair after chemo you should wait weeks 3 to 4 and only then to paint.

If the hair and the already brittle and whipped, before going for a Perm, it is necessary to bring them to a healthy appearance. Because they are so fragile, why finish them completely?

First we need to get a haircut and remove all split ends. Then RUB in a head skin nourishing cream and cover the hair with a towel. For best effect, you can wear a warm hat or scarf. After this, rinse the head with warm water and shampoo on the basis of egg protein. This procedure is carried out during the month.

On the result of the restoration also has a great influence the General health and your mood. During this procedure need to be fully relaxed. If the mood is bad, it is better to reschedule for another day. During hair treatment, think about something pleasant.

Choose the hairdresser where you feel comfortable, you also want to choose and master, with whom will be comfortable. Do not skimp on their hair. After selecting where cheap, you can get to bad masters, and bad cosmetics. Therefore, to approach this question it is necessary competently.

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