4 the method of the compote of plums

Compote of plums — delicious drink. How nice winter day to get a bottle of vitamin drink. Our task is to make preparations for the winter the most useful and tasty. Invited Housewives to master the 4 ways of cooking compote of plum.

Компот из сливы

Suitable for stewed fruits of plum varieties such that during heat treatment the fruits were not collapsed, remained intact. And varieties whose pit is easily separable from the pulp. The compote can be prepared and seeded, it all depends on your preferences and tastes. Stewed plums should be stored up to 3 years.

There are several ways of preserving plums.

1. Make the syrup. To do this, take 1 liter of water 200-300 grams of sugar. Cut washed plums and remove the bones. Then you need the halves to be folded into the banks. Pour cold syrup. For this method to mandatory pasteurization: banks 0.5 l — pasteurized 10 minutes, banks 1l — 15 minutes. Pasteurization occurs at a temperature of 85 degrees or in boiling water, then this process takes 3 and 5 minutes, respectively.

2. The entire drain you just need to chop the peel that the fruits do not burst when heated. Put them in jars. Heat and then pour just as described in the first method.

3. The fruits are placed in jars and pour hot syrup already. Followed by pasteurization as described in method 1.

4. This method is designed for large volume of cans, namely, 2 l and 3 l of Plum prepared and placed in jars. Then pour hot boiling syrup. The recipe for the syrup the same 1 liter of water 200-300 grams of sugar. Banks need to cover the lids. To withstand the blanks in this form for 3 minutes. Then the syrup is drained and again boiled. The procedure was repeated three times. The third time, the syrup should be poured to the top banks and immediately roll. Banks turn upside down and leave them to cool, while covering them, so the cooling was slower.

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