What kinds of sex are there?

Какие виды секса бывают?

It is worth noting that the common classifications of sex does not exist. There are many attempts to group different kinds of sex by various parameters.

What are the types of sex?

One of the differences when sex is having a partner. And in this respect, sex can be different.

Without a partner:

  • use Teens getting first sexual experiences in puberty when it is not conscious call of the flesh is expressed by Masturbation if Masturbation;
  • characteristic of sexually dissatisfied people, singles or long to have partners and those who are looking for new kinds of sex.

With a partner:

  • traditional sex with one partner of the opposite sex;
  • relationship with a same sex partner;
  • with multiple partners of the same or opposite sex.

However, life has found its place of gay and group sex. Speaking about what types of sex are partners, pay attention to those that differ from the traditional vaginal and do not include so-called occurrences. Without going into the specifics of each type may be noted here:

  • oral, which, in turn, includes fellatio, cunnilingus and lingually sex;
  • anal, which implies to achieve orgasm, the part of the penis of the partner to the anus or in the.

Unconventional sex

To unconventional types of sex include the following most common:

  • petting;
  • breast;
  • intratumorally;
  • glutaminyl;
  • and some other that involve in intercourse, Breasts, buttocks, hips and other organs partner.

When we talk about the unusual kinds of sex, then, often, it refers to the following:

  • various kinds of perversions such as bestiality, necrophilia, sadomasochism and some other;
  • hypnotic sex when they do go into trance using hypnosis;
  • sex in sleep, when sexual visions and sensations appear during a dive in a dream.

Today to achieve orgasm many use new types of sex. Among them a significant place began to take these types of sex:

  • extreme sex, when sexual intercourse takes place at altitude, especially in crowded areas on site that pose a danger to the life partners or Какие виды секса бывают? the integrity of the genital organs. In this sex the orgasm is achieved due to the adrenaline rush caused by the increased feeling of danger;
  • sex with the use of special toys;
  • sexual relations with the use of various devices, in particular — of the vibrators;
  • costumed sex, when sexual relations between partners are played as play;
  • virtual, associated with obtaining orgasm without a partner via TEXT messages, communicating via Skype or phone.


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