How to determine ovulation by the basal temperature?

Как определить овуляцию по базальной температуре?The question of how to determine ovulation by the basal temperature, is primarily interested in those girls who are just starting to schedule. To give an answer, it is necessary to consider the fluctuations of the temperature values in different periods of the menstrual cycle.

Changes in basal temperature during the cycle?

First need to say that to obtain accurate values, measurements of this kind should always be conducted in the morning hours, about the same time to perform physical activity (i.e. getting out of bed).

Thus, in the first half of the cycle, immediately after the menstrual evacuation, the temperature is set at 36,6-36,8 degrees. Such values the thermometer shows up to the moment when will begin the ovulatory process.

Approximately mid-cycle a woman may note a decrease in basal temperature by 0.1-0.2 degrees. However, just after 12-16 hours it is increasing up to 37 degrees. It is this fact, and indicates that ovulation – the release of a Mature egg from the follicle.

As a rule, from that time to the monthly discharge, temperature is kept at 37 degrees. Thus, the increase in temperature in the second half of the menstrual cycle has been a 0.4 degrees Celsius, which in turn is normal and indicates proper operation of the hormonal system.

How to determine the day of ovulation based on the schedule of basal temperature?

Knowing the above facts, the woman will not be difficult to track a process such as ovulation the basal temperature values. So, on the chart, up until the beginning of the ovulatory process, fluctuations in temperature would be negligible. Before the release of the ovum into the abdominal cavity, the curve will go down, and literally the next day would mark her rise.

If you talk about how here is the schedule of basal temperature during ovulation, since the release of the egg it is similar in almost a straight line, because the temperature rises up to 37,2-37,3 and kept at that level until the menstrual flow. In fact, by decreasing the temperature decreased the woman may learn about the imminent approach of menses.

Как определить овуляцию по базальной температуре?

Thus, every woman should have an idea on how you can learn about the process of ovulation by the basal temperature. First and foremost is the need for those girls that use physiological method of contraception.


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