Coloring for short hair dark, light and brown: electronics and photo

Time when the list of hairdresser’s services by the change of colors was limited to the standard solid colouring, have passed irrevocably. New techniques are born every day, and even if they are all a modification of the already known, the interest does not abate. The trend for 2016 who switched from 2015-th – coloring. What is its particularity?

What is the hair coloring

Staining in General is a very complex technology, even if it is standard procedure change the color without any nuances. Coloring, according to masters, is the highest level in the art. It is an unusual colouring which may be present or gradation of the same color, or with different nuances. Not excluded, and creative color option.

All equipment not related to monochrome painting, part of a group of coloring and are broken down into categories:

  • the increased color depth (within 3 levels);
  • the effect of burnout;
  • creative (colored tips, bright, clear colors, etc).

Particularly noteworthy are the following options:

  • Babylights. Represents the effect of creating a Golden blonde, peculiar children, by working with very thin strands. The most authentic looks at the soft hair. Perfect coloring on short hair because it is not demanding to the length.
  • Ombre with soft transition method safe making highlights in the image. Change the main color is only 2-3 colors, only at the ends. Cross the border stretch. Looks adorable on stranded short curls.
  • Creative colors – red, blue, green, etc. – are very demanding, will emphasize the crudity of the image.
  • Pixel painting that represents geometric patterns, needs the support of geometric cuts haircuts and perfect smoothness of the canvas. Such coloring the caret goes well with the asymmetry.

How to pick a shade for painting

The new season takes up the past – trendy hair color 2015 remain relevant in 2016. All the same in the eyes of the stylists attraction is natural, and only they know how much effort is applied to create this absolutely natural effect. If you don’t want to be mistaken with a choice of color, push down on the source (natural) tone, take the corridor at 3 levels up or down. It will be the soft coloring.

Keep in mind that:

  • Some of the fashionable variants require a specific color base. For example, rose gold looks good on bandah, therefore, black hair will first have to bleach it.
  • Redheaded beauties will suit Golden, copper highlights. The winner of the black hair can try wine tones.
  • The color and the way coloring needs to be in tune with the haircut: the geometric lines of close-cropped hair, it is desirable to emphasize the contrasting shades, and a soft diagonal – longitudinal thin glare.
  • The warm tones perfectly «sound» with sunburn and freckles, cold – creates a contrast with pale skin.
  • Popular silver tint needs in a healthy complexion, «sit down» just for blonde and light brown.

Important length: the coloring on short hair are more demanding, since, being performed by an unskilled technician can look clumsy. Keep in mind that the transition here should be a very natural, soft. You can stretch it the entire length or the indent from the root to 10-15 cm it is Important not to keep a clear cross-line – the face and hair to be «cut». Exceptions exist, but tend to just creative options.

The technique of coloring on short hair

If changing the base color involves bleaching of painted canvases, you will need to use special tools, solvent paint removers. After her hair become red, severely affecting their quality. To carry out this procedure at home is not desirable: you can get not the shade expected. If you are working with a natural fabric, try this method home coloring on short hair:

  1. Pick a shade lighter of your 2 colors, will buy him 6% oxidant.
  2. Dilute the paint. Don’t let it oxidize in the air – just get to work.
  3. Divide the horizontal lines of the hair in thick layers. Start to paint each of them with the tip, moving up.
  4. In the middle put down the brush, drag the border to the roots with frequent comb. Create a layer in foil.
  5. The exposure time varies individually for each colour. Rinse of the need for using shampoo.

Video tutorials: how to make coloring at home

Acquainted with the videos below, you will be able to more closely monitor the process of coloring. Learn how to perform this procedure, depending on the base shade of the fabric. From the mouth of the professionals you will learn how to choose equipment on the hair structure, get to know their secrets to successful and safe dyeing, when the hair is totally natural.

Coloring on dark hair

On blonde hair


Coloring red hair

Hair care after dyeing

Whatever technology is used the master coloring is a corrosive chemical composition on the hair, so after the procedure need to take care of preparing a good care regimen. It must be present:

  • moisturizing balm to be used after shampoo each time you shampoo;
  • a good nourishing mask, performed once a week and stand on the hair for at least a quarter of an hour;
  • a mild shampoo formulated for coloured hair – it will protect the pigment.

The cost of the procedure in the salons of Moscow

This service is popular among women, so it serves all the major beauty salons, and even some budget hair salons. Coloring a short haircut will cost you $ 2000 on hair is shoulder – to 3500-4000 R. At considerable length the cost of the procedure is increased to 6000-8000 R. If the wizard works with hair extensions, a number of salons increases the price by 35-40%.

Photo: fashion hair 2016 — coloring

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