How to fix blurry fonts in Windows 10

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In this instruction in detail on what to do if Windows 10 or individual programs and applications you see blurry fonts that can happen after changing the scaling in the display settings, and without these actions.

First we will talk about how to fix the problem associated with changing screen resolutions, which are obvious to most users, but may not be considered beginners, and then other methods to fix motion blur text in Windows 10.

Note: if your fonts become blurry after recent changes in the scaling options (125%, 150%) in the screen settings (select «change the size of text, appendices, and other elements»), try to start just restart the computer (even if more than once it was turned off-included as off in 10-ke is not the same as rebooting).

Check the screen resolution

This item is for those users who do not fully represent what the physical screen resolution and why the resolution offered in the system must meet the physical.

So the modern monitors have this option, as physical resolution, representing the number of pixels horizontally and vertically on the matrix screen, for example, 1920×1080. Moreover, if you have any resolution, is not a multiple different from the physical, you will see distortion and blur fonts.

So: if you are unsure, make sure that exposed in Windows 10, the screen resolution corresponds to the actual screen resolution (in some cases this can lead to the fact that the font seem too small, but this can be fixed with scaling options).

  • To know the physical resolution of the screen — you can just look for specifications on the Internet by typing the brand and model of your monitor.
  • To set the screen resolution in Windows 10, click in any blank place on the desktop, right-click and select «display Settings», then tap on «Additional settings» screen (bottom right) and select the desired resolution. If the desired resolution, you probably want to install official driver for your video card, for an example, see Installing NVIDIA drivers in Windows 10 (for both AMD and Intel will be the same).

Read more on the topic: How to change the screen resolution in Windows 10.

Note: if you use multiple monitors (or monitor + TV) and the picture on them is duplicated, so Windows when the duplicate uses the same resolution on both screens, with some of them it may be «not native». The solution here is to change the operating mode of the two monitors on «Extend screen» (pressing Win+P) and set for each of the monitors correct resolution.

Fixing blurry text when zooming

If the problem with blurred fonts has arisen after changing the size of items in «Right click on the desktop» — «display Settings» — «Change size of text, applications, and other items» to 125% or more, and restart the computer or laptop did not fix the issue, try the next option.

  • Hit Win+R keys and enter dpiscaling EXE (or go to control panel — screen).
  • Click on the «Set a custom zoom level».
  • Make sure it is installed 100%. If not — change to 100, apply, and restart the computer.
  • And the second option this way:

  • Right click mouse on the desktop — display settings.
  • Return the zoom to 100%.
  • Go to the control Panel Screen, press «Set a custom zoom level» and set the required scaling Windows 10.
  • After applying the settings, you will be asked to log out and after login you should see the changed size of fonts and elements, but without blurring (if this option is used a different scaling than in the Windows display settings 10).

    How to fix blurred fonts in programs

    Not all Windows programs support the proper change of scale and, as a consequence, in some applications, you can see blurry fonts, while in the rest of the system, such problems are not watch.

    In this case, you can fix the problem in the following way:

  • Just right click on the shortcut or the executable program file and select «Properties».
  • On the Compatibility tab, check «Disable image scaling at high screen resolution and apply settings.
  • Next time you launch the program, the problem with blurred fonts should not appear (however, they can be small on high resolution screens).


    In some cases (for example, due to malfunction of the video card drivers), the problem with blurry text can cause incorrect operation of smoothing of fonts ClearType, which is enabled by default in Windows 10 for LCD screens.

    Try to disable or configure this feature and check whether the problem is solved. In order to do this, enter in the search on the taskbar, ClearType, and run «adjust ClearType text».

    Then try the option of setting up function and the option of disabling.

    Additional information

    The Internet also has a programme to Windows 10 DPI Blurry Fix, designed to solve the problem with blurry fonts. The program, as I understand it, uses the second method from this article, when instead of scaling the Windows 10 uses the «old» scale.

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    To use, simply install the program «Use Windows 8.1 DPI scaling» and set your desired zoom level.

    You can download the program from the developer’s site — just don’t forget to check out her (at the moment, there are negative reviews, so be careful). Also keep in mind that the starting program required each time you restart (it to add itself in startup.

    And finally, if nothing helps, again check whether you have the original latest drivers for your video card or not by pressing «refresh» in device Manager, but through manual download from the respective official websites (or with the help utilities NVIDIA and AMD).

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