The remote for the TV on your phone or tablet

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If you have a modern TV that can connect to your home network via Wi-Fi or LAN, it is likely you have the ability to use your phone or tablet on Android and iOS as a remote control for this TV, all you will need to download the official app from Play store or App Store, install it and configure for use.

This article is an example of setting the remote control to TV Sony Bravia on the phone, and also briefly about the official applications with the functions of remote control for TV LG, Samsung and Philips. Note that all these applications work over the network (i.e., TV and smartphone or other device must be connected to the same home network, for example, a single router — no matter via Wi-Fi or LAN cable). You might also find useful: How to configure DLNA server for playback on the TV.

Note: app stores there are universal remotes that require the purchase a separate IR (infrared) transmitter to the device, but in this article they will not be considered. Also will include features transfer media from your phone or tablet on your TV, although in all the described programs they implemented.

Remote for TV Sony Bravia on Android phones and iPhone

Begin with Smart TV from Sony, because this is the TV I have lost the remote for it (a physical keyboard it is not), was forced to look for an app to use your phone as a remote control.

The official app of remote control for Sony equipment, but in our particular case — for Sony Bravia TV called TV SideView and Video and available in app stores for both Android and iPhone.

After installation, when you first start, you will be asked to choose your television service provider (I don’t have one, so I chose the first thing that was requested is irrelevant to operation of the control panel) and list of channels, the program for which you want to display in the app.

After that, go to the application menu and select «Add device». Will search for supported devices on your network (the TV must be switched on at the time).

Select the desired device, and then enter the code that will appear on the TV screen. You can also see the request to use the opportunity to turn on the TV with the remote (for the TV settings will be changed so that it was connected to Wi-Fi even when off).

Ready. In the top row of the application icon will appear on the remote, clicking which would lead to the possibility of remote control, which include:

  • Standard Sony remote (scrolls vertically, takes three of the screen).
  • On separate tabs — touch panel, text input will work only if the TV support open the application or menu item).

If you have multiple Sony devices, you can add them all in the app and switch between them in the application menu.

Download Sony Video remote control and TV SideView Remote from the official application pages:

  • For Android on Google Play
  • For iPhone and iPad on AppStore

LG TV Remote

The official app that implements the function of remote control on iOS and Android for Smart TVs from LG. Important: there are two versions of this app, for TVs that were released before 2011, use LG TV Remote 2011.

After launching the application, you’ll need to find a supported TV network, then you will be able to use the remote on the screen of the phone (tablet) to control its functions, channel switching, and even take screenshots of what is currently shown on TV.

Also, on the second screen LG TV Remote available functions to access applications and share content via SmartShare.

Download remote control for TV from the official app stores

  • LG TV Remote for Android
  • LG TV Remote for iPhone and iPad

Samsung Smart View and Samsung TV and Remote (IR)

For Samsung TV there are two official apps remote. The second was designed for phones with built-in IR transmitter-receiver, and Samsung Smart View is suitable for any phone and tablet.

Also, as in other such applications, after a search of TV in the network and connect to it, you will have access to remote control functions (including a virtual touchpad and text input) and transfer media content from the device to the TV.

Judging by the reviews, the app doesn’t always work like it should, but worth a try, besides, it is possible that by the time you read this review, deficiencies were corrected.

Download Samsung Smart View is possible from Google Play and in the Apple App Store

Philips MyRemote

Another official app — remote Philips MyRemote TV set for the respective brand. I have no possibility to check the efficiency Philips MyRemote, but judging by the screenshots, we can assume that this remote on phone for TV more functional than the above counterparts. If you have experience using (or will after reading this review), I will be glad if you can share this experience in the comments.

Of course, there are all the standard functions of such applications: view the online TV transmission of video and images on TV, manage saved records gear (it also knows how to make TV remote app for Sony) and in the context of this article — remote control TV and its settings.

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The official download page of the Philips MyRemote

  • For Android
  • For iPhone and iPad

Unofficial remote TV for Android

When you search for remote control for TV on Android tablets and phones in Google Play, across many informal applications. Of those with good reviews, do not require additional equipment (connected via wifi), you can mark the apps from one developer that you can find on their page by freeappstv.

In the list of available applications for remote control of TVs LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips, Panasonic and Toshiba. The design of the remote is simple and familiar, and from the reviews we can conclude that mostly everything works as it should. So if for some reason the official app does not suit you, you can try this version of the remote.

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