School anxiety — what is it and how is that manifested?

«School neurosis» is a form of neurosis of fear. «School neurosis» is the result of maladjustment to school, which results in the inability of productive learning and interaction with peers and teachers within the educational institution.

Школьный невроз - что это и в чем он проявляется?

«School neurosis» is anxiety and fear of the child related to school attendance or individual situations of the educational process (answer at the blackboard, a retelling of the text, etc.).

The reasons for the emergence of the school of neurosis can be set. First, the individual characteristics of the student: type of temperament, character traits. These include increased anxiety, giperatidnosti or carelessness, originality of thought, etc. the Reason could be lack of experience of communication with peers and adults if the child does not attend kindergarten.

Another factor in the emergence of school fears is a violation of the child’s adaptation to school mode. It is difficult to get used to the fact that you have time to sit on the place that you need to answer the questions in front of all the are high school classmates and get a evaluation. A discomfort and unwillingness to attend classes.

Sometimes it happens that the child has difficulty to interact with their teacher: it seems that picking on him, marking lower than the other, be accountable more often than others, etc. But the most common causes of school neurosis come from the family: if child too often scolded and punished, or in a family there are conflicts between the parents, the student experiences a constant sense of guilt and is afraid to annoy and upset parents. Because of this, he was afraid to get a rating lower than they expect.

Pretty easy to notice the first symptoms of school anxiety, however, quite often the parents do not attempt to correct the situation, believing that this is normal and will soon pass. The most common symptom is that the child does not want to go to school. He comes up with a thousand reasons and excuses, faking illness or heats the thermometer to high temperatures. The child with the school neurosis often forgets (or intentionally leaves) his school supplies at home. Coming from school, he avoids questions about the school and hiding the diaries and notebooks from the eyes of parents, coming up with reasons for their absence (in school, forgotten the teacher to check took, etc.). The school is manifested in difficulties socializing with other children and with the teacher, in fear of the responses from the Board, increased sweating and tremor.

Parents should pay attention to these symptoms and to promptly contact a specialist. The sooner you start treatment, the fewer problems in training and communication will be a child later in life!

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